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Navigate the complexities of choosing between cloud and on-premise CCTV solutions with our expert guidance.

Making the best choice between cloud and on-premise solutions is probably the largest decision making process in current times; we are here to help make that decision… one size does not fit all.

We provide extensive, high-quality, and secure CCTV solutions tailored to meet any need. Our customized and integrated systems are designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability, ensuring comprehensive surveillance and security for your premises.

Whether for education, commercial, or industrial applications, our CCTV solutions offer unparalleled protection and peace of mind.


Access Control

Designing robust access control systems that ensure seamless physical navigation and compliance with safety codes.

Providing an access system is the easy part, properly designing the physical navigation, human movement and integration with door hardware is the truly difficult part.  In addition to that, making sure the building code and life-safety code is complied with is vital.

Door Annunciation is added to the Access Control solution; the highest use-case for this product is in schools and care facilities where security or administration needs to know when doors are opened, held open and closed to ensure a safe building envelope.


School Lockdown

Lockdown solutions require detailed integration and careful design, and still needs to comply with building, electrical and fire/life-safety codes.

Our lockdown solutions integrate with PA systems, mass-notification, annunciation and telecommunication systems to create a true Lockdown Solution.

Together with our experience, skill and access to the most advanced and stable access control hardware and software, coupled with the best electronic locking hardware in the world, we have provided solid school lock-down solutions.


PA Systems

We offer a wide range of PA system solutions, including synchronized clock systems, designed to meet your specific needs. Leveraging our expertise, we provide efficient and effective PA systems, featuring customized and integrated solutions to ensure seamless communication within your organization.


Network Solutions

We specialize in designing, building, and maintaining comprehensive network solutions that cover everything from routers to desktops, including robust firewalls, advanced monitoring, and cyber security measures.

Additionally, we provide seamless remote system access.

Our expertise extends to wireless network design and implementation, ensuring reliable and efficient connectivity for your organization.


TeleData Infrastructure

We are experienced and certified to provide a standard infrastructure installation, or cable plant with a 25-year warranty. Not everyone needs a fully warranted cable plant.

We provide comprehensive TeleData infrastructure solutions, offering full cable plant installations and infrastructure ranging from Cat5 to Cat7, as well as fiber optics and all other low-voltage cable plants.

Our services adhere to code compliance and industry standards, ensuring reliable and high-performance connectivity tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.


Doors & Hardware

It has become extremely difficult to bring Division 8 (doors, frames and hardware) and Division 28 (electronic security) together… understanding how they integrate, the building code and life-safety codes and nuances has become the single largest challenge on any project. Vision Security Solutions understands both of these divisions, really well. Vision is capable of being on the design, supply and implementation team, as well as ongoing maintenance.

Our expertise includes standard and specialized door solutions, ensuring robust and tailored solutions for a variety of needs.

This includes ADA opening requirements and related hardware.


Remote & Construction Site CCTV

Vision provides the most advanced construction or remote site monitoring solutions available. This includes the latest generation of CCTV, Thermal and radar technologies, integrated with advanced analytics and AI.

Additionally, we offer connectivity via 5G solutions if other local internet access does not exist.